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Jane Burgess

Twenty six years ago my parents moved to Norfolk and had new fencing erected at the rear of their property. Now I’ve recently moved here and have also had to have new fencing along my rear boundary. Imagine my surprise when I selected O J Fencing to carry out the job for me and finding out that Oliver is the son of the man who had done the work for my parents!
From the time I telephoned O J Fencing, Oliver was very prompt in providing a quote and carried out the work soon after I accepted it. He arrived early one morning together with four of his work force and they worked enthusiastically throughout the day, removing all the original panels and posts, dug out new holes for the concrete posts and had completed the job by the end of the day.
All the workmen were extremely polite and are a credit to O J Fencing. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.
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